Naughty Oogilvy

We love Oogilvy. But Oogilvy is a naughty kitten. He likes to hide and he likes to see what happens when he jumps out at people. Oogilvy likes to hide in Gran’s big teapot. When Gran goes to make a cup of tea Oogilvy pops out and gives Gran a fright. My big sister Shelly says that is why Gran has white hair.
Oogilvy hides under Pa’s paper. When Pa goes to read the paper Oogilvy dives out like he is on fire. The paper flies everywhere. Then Oogilvy shreds it.
Mom has a special spot where she hangs her apron. Oogilvy likes to hide in the pocket of the apron. When Mum goes to put the apron on Oogilvy meows really loudly as he jumps out. Mum always screams.

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