Imagine Being a Bear

Imagine Being a...Bear
Imagine… Imagine being... Imagine being a... grizzly bear.
With claws that rip and shred and tear, a fierce deep growl and gnarly hair. Four yellow fangs to gnash and chew, a grizzly bears bad temper too.
But there’s one thing that makes you sweet, it’s all the honey that you eat. Be careful though you must beware, that honey will stick to your hair.
Or maybe you’re a... polar bear.
You’re hairy, scary, big and white, With forty-two sharp teeth to bite. You have four massive padded paws, Each massive paw has five sharp claws.
You live upon the icy ground and love to slide and roll around. Then after you have played about, the oceans where you chill on out.
Or you could be a bear that’s black. Your eyes are small your ears are round, you make a funny woofing sound. You climb up trees to find your lunch, like fruit and nuts to chew and munch. But black bears need to hibernate, you’d find a cosy cave to wait, till winters gone, spring’s in the air. Then wake up, hungry as a bear!

Ahh, there's panda bears and so much more but I'm not giving the ending away that easy... Well, maybe just a snippet.

Imagine you’re a Teddy bear. You could have any coloured hair, with button eyes that kind of stare. A crooked smile and stitched up nose and padded tummy hands and toes. And Teddy bears are lovable, they're made to be so huggable. So imagine, being cuddled tight, now wouldn’t that feel oh so right.

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